About Us

Welcome to Shop Candy Couture Vintage!
Candy Couture Vintage is a Texas, US based online and in person pop up store that specializes in 90's/2000's vintage clothing! Candy Couture was established in December of 2022. Our main mission is to ethically and creatively bring nostalgia to your personal wardrobe and help you find your new style, while saving clothing from going to landfills or from being thrown away.
Everything in our store is curated by me! The store owner, Maddie.
About me 
Hello there! Thank you so much for taking the time to check out our website! My name is Maddie, I'm currently 23 years old and am based in Houston, Texas. I've taken my passion for clothing that makes me feel nostalgic, and my love for thrifting, and combined them together to create a space where I can inspire others to try new (or older) styles while also saving the environment.
Growing up in poverty, I've been thrifting my entire life. Everything I own comes from a thrift or second hand store. A personal goal of mine is to end the stigma around thrifting in general, that its dirty or unsanitary. As someone who has had to rely on second hand items their whole life, I want to let others know that there's no shame in where you get your items, as long as you are happy with them! 
Candy Couture Vintage is my main source of income! I put all my love and energy into curating the most unique and beautiful items so that others can enjoy them as much as I do! 
Candy Couture Vintage was also inspired by the bright and atmospheric colors that come with childhood. Bright hues, unique designs, and all things sweet! I hope when you look at my shop or stop by my booth at a market that you feel a sense of childhood memories that flow back to you.
For future shop updates or to get to know me more, follow my instagram & TikTok located at the bottom of my website! Thank you guys so much for giving me the amazing opportunity to bring to you something amazing and for also saving clothing from the landfill!